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the celebrate virginia north shopping center

Celebrate Virginia North: What You Need to Know

By Colby Goetz
May 22, 2017

The Celebrate Virginia North shopping complex is conveniently located off the Celebrate Virginia Parkway and has easy access to Route 17 and i95; providing retail options for both locals and those passing through on major US Highways. With retail shops ranging from groceries to home-goods and options of places to stop and dine-in, there are few things a customer can’t find at the Celebrate Virginia North shopping complex.

Food and Grocery

Giant grocery store is in the shopping center and boasts a wide selection of fresh produce, a pharmacy, a deli and bakery and an in-store Starbucks coffee. There is also a Virginia ABC liquor store and several restaurants available to patrons. China King, Subway, Five Guys and Sonic Burger are all long-standing establishments in the complex, providing a variety of food options to shoppers.


There is a dentist, Celebrate Cleaners, Eden Nails, Golden Nails and a Great Clips available in the complex. Fitness 1440 is located in Celebrate Virginia North and is open 24 hours a day. Pus, it’s close to the grocery store, so you can run your errands right after!

Banking and Insurance in Celebrate Virginia North

For practical ease, the shopping center hosts State Farm Insurance, a Wells Fargo bank and a Capital One bank.


Sleepy’s mattress store offers a range of mattresses and pillows for customers. There is also a PostNet store for your copying, shipping needs, as well as an on-staff notary public. Lowe’s Home Improvement and Goodyear Tire are also nearby for your home-goods and car-care needs.

The Celebrate Virginia North shopping complex is a well-established and enjoyable community staple that is constantly growing and understandably attracting new patrons. Whether you are looking to find a one-stop spot to run your errands or you are thinking about opening a store or small business, the Celebrate Virginia North is an excellent spot.

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