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Commercial Real Estate Investments: Top 4 Leading Industries in Prince William County, VA

By Colby Goetz
August 3, 2017

Prince William County, VA

Prince William County, VA is home to a wide range of industries. Just south of Washington D.C., Prince William County, VA is bustling in industry, which means that it is an excellent time to invest in the local economy; what better way than in commercial real estate? Invest in a centralized location at an affordable price-affordability with proximity. We’ve outlined the top four leading industries in the area to help you gain the most capital off of your investment.

Top Four Industries in Prince William County, VA

  1. IT (Information Technology)

IT makes perfect sense, as the world of technology is ever-expanding and developing into more advanced realms, so is the need for space to do so. Northern Virginia is an optimal location for commercial office spaces that can be leased out to government agencies, private contracting firms, start-up corporations or even private IT consulting. Technology is not a fad, it is a constant and investing in commercial real estate to facilitate space for IT firms is an excellent decision. To help support these investments, some may want to look into such technologies as Bitcoin Prime to aid in this new area.

2. Biotechnology

The location that Prince William County boasts is second to none, as it offers affordable real estate with access to one of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas, not to mention proximity to all major federal agencies, including the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). The George Mason University has a Science and Technology campus in Prince William County as well, making it an ideal county to invest in properties such as labs or research buildings that can be leased and accessible to the biotechnology savvy in the region.

3. Government Agencies

This should come as no surprise, the government and its agencies is forever expanding and reasonably priced (especially compared to Washington D.C.) real estate with a reasonable driving distance makes Prince William County a model area for overflow office space of government agencies. It also means that government officials may be traveling to the region as well, and likely eating lunch, so investing in hospitality could also be a lucrative avenue for your commercial real estate investments.

4. Logistics and Supply Industry

Due to the central location of Prince William County, again, it is an ideal spot for the specialized logistics and supply industry hubs to be located, especially with the proximity to major infrastructure and access to both I-95 and I-66. Consider contacting a Coldwell Banker representative to speak about investing in commercial office spaces today.

If it is office spaces for government or hospitality for those traveling on business, or possibly a strip mall with endless possibilities to lease spaces, Prince William County offers a wide range of opportunities for commercial real estate investments.

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