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Finding the Best Commercial Land for Sale

By Colby Goetz
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April 24, 2017

Buying raw land for your business is a big step. When you decide to start with a clean slate for your storefront, you get to create something that perfectly fits your company’s needs and objectives. Here are top things to consider when you’re finding commercial land for sale.


You’ve heard the old adage, “location, location, location.” Well, it’s true. Your customers want a convenient location and so do your employees. The best location will depend on your business, and who you are trying to attract. For a retail store, you want a location that gets a lot of foot traffic or that is near main roads. For an office space, make sure  your employees will have a good commute. Find a space near public transportation or that is easy to get to by car or on foot.

Allowable Uses

What kind of business do you have? Check the local zoning laws to make sure that you are allowed to use the commercial land in the way you want. Some areas may be limited by zoning laws or usage laws.

Condition of the Land

Make sure that the land can be developed in a way that accommodates your business. If the terrain is hilly or if there are certain elements in the soil, you may have difficulty developing the land. Engineers, appraisers, and environmental analysts can help you verify the condition of the land.

Access and Parking

Few people are going to walk a mile to get to your business. Make sure that you can provide parking close by and that you can comply with the American with Disabilities Act once you build.

Finding the best commercial land for sale is about putting yourself in their shoes.

When you’re looking for the perfect spot to build your business, keep in mind how your customers and employees would view the location. Consider what it would be like to commute there every day, or if a customer would consider it out of the way. How will this location affect your brand’s image? Your building is your first impression, and it starts with the location.

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