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an open office space for lease

4 of the Most Wanted Features in an Office Space for Lease

By Colby Goetz
Category: CRE Trends
April 27, 2017

Today’s office space for lease is becoming increasingly competitive. Tenants are looking for a space that’s more than four walls and some carpet, they want Office Wall Systems that suit their needs, they want it to be in a prime location, they want top-level security, but most of all, they want something that provides an experience. In fact, office space is being viewed by more and more companies as a way to recruit and retain employees. As you are looking for office spaces to invest in, consider these four most wanted features. Remember, always get business renters insurance too, just in case anything goes wrong!

1. Prime Location

Ever heard the saying, “location, location, location”? Employees want to be able to do everything within a few blocks of where they work. This is a good opportunity for property owners and managers to come up with creative uses for the space. Perhaps you could rent your bottom floor to a coffee shop and leave the upper floors for office space. You negate the cost of the building and provide your office tenants with a desired amenity.

2. Amenities

The best thing a property owner can do for their office space is to make it unique and the amenities plentiful, differentiating themselves from the competition. These amenities can include everything from rooftop decks and fitness gyms, to food truck parks and outdoor courts for employees to enjoy. Some companies, like Google, offer on-site oil changes and haircuts. With the personalities of the upcoming generation, the possibilities are endless. Along with all these amenities, a real-time application to gain insight and control over building operations could also prove to be fruitful for property owners. With Smart Building solutions, it could be possible to ensure a safe and secure workplace for the employees. Furthermore, employing advanced technologies like the one mentioned above, could attract more tenants.

3. Open and Collaborative Spaces

You may not have noticed, but the evolution of the workplace has decreased the square footage of office space per employee during the past decade. Tenants are looking for spaces where they can install hot desks or temporary work stations, and are letting employees work remotely or from home. This helps tenants reduce overall office costs.

4. Wow Factor Design

We’ve all seen the movies where the ad agency was housed in a space that featured exposed beams and original brickwork. Try to make that creative, interesting office space a reality by nailing your office refurbishment birmingham.

The Features of Your Office Space for Lease Matter

The right features in your office space can have a significant impact on your ROI. If your tenant loves the space, and their customers and employees love being there, they’re likely to stick around.

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