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Best Features to Look for in Medical Real Estate

By Colby Goetz
November 14, 2017

Medical real estate can be a fantastic investment opportunity. Medical real estate offers investors long-term leases, strong tenant loyalty, and steady income streams for years to come. So if you’re seeking medical real estate, here are some key features to look for to get the most bang for your buck.

Choose Class A Medical Real Estate

To get the best possible rate of return on your investment, class A medical real estate is the way to go. Class A medical spaces are generally newer construction, modern, and beautiful to behold. The are either on-campus at a hospital or immediately adjacent. These will be the most top-of-the-line facilities that will attract the best tenants. Class B properties are one step below class A, and are usually well kept and multi-tenant, but further from a central hospital. Stand-alone medical real estate usually only houses one practice or physician, and these facilities are usually owned by the physicians themselves.

Ensure Proximity to the Best Hospitals

The best medical real estate options will be in the immediate vicinity of the finest, most top-of-the-line hospital facilities. These properties will be the highest quality. While they may require the highest initial investment, the ROI potential will also be much higher. Medical real estate in immediate proximity to a great hospital will attract excellent tenants.

Insiste on Top-Notch Technology Infrastructure

“The modern-day Class A MOB (Medical Office Building) is constructed as intelligently as a downtown office building,” says Jim Venker, AIA, director of facilities development at the Alton Ochsner Medical Foundation in Jefferson, Louisiana. “In addition to the latest mechanical and HVAC systems, newer Class A MOBs have technology features such as computerized data information systems and automated medical record storage transferred from paper and X-rays to CD-ROM.” To attract the best tenants, medical real estate needs to be equipped for the highest levels of technology, they can find more info here on how they can start this. That means new and extensive wiring for the electrical systems and phones, and the fastest cable or fiber optic internet setup available. The facilities ought to be as technologically capable as any Palo Alto tech startup.


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