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5 Unique Types of Investment Properties

By Colby Goetz
November 17, 2017

When it comes to finding different types of investment properties, the options are nearly endless. There are unique investment properties to fit any personality and portfolio. Here are some interesting possibilities you may not have considered.

Unique Types of Investment Properties

Data Centers

Now that technology has advanced to the point that almost everyone keeps their data, photos, and information in “The Cloud,” data centers are growing in necessity and popping up all over the place. All that information requires lots of square footage! The demand for such properties will only increase in the years to come.

Student Housing

The cinderblock dormitories of your college memories are becoming a relic of the past. Most universities are now surrounded by independently owned and operated student housing that more closely resembles resorts than dingy dorms. Today’s college students tend to be looking for the very best in housing, (like Bloomsburg student housing, for example) and this can be a newly competitive and interesting market to invest in.

Medical Office Buildings

With inpatient hospital care becoming more and more expensive, the demand for smaller, easier to manage medical office spaces has exploded. Medical office buildings can offer stable income, excellent tenants, and long-term lease possibilities, all while serving the community with great care.


With the new revolution of organic, small-scale farming and the demand for farm-to-table cuisine, farmland and farm facilities have become novel investment options. Farming is no longer just a rural pursuit. Small, in-town organic farms and orchards are growing in popularity in urban areas. Farms with pick-your-own produce options are very trendy. Vineyards are a wonderful agro-tourism investment possibility too.

Event Venues

Indoor and outdoor event spaces can be an excellent commercial investment option. These locations can add value to a community, and have a great return on investment. To set your space apart, look for event venues that offer a unique twist. Perhaps a fabulous view, historic building, flexible indoor/outdoor space, or beautiful architecture. Amenities like a catering kitchen and flexibly sized event spaces are also a plus.


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